Groupe ROSSI AERO is a leading supplier to the global aerospace industry, positioned in on-demand manufacturing of components, manufacturing of small and medium series and maintenance, repair and maintenance. operational.

Specialized in the creation and production of structural parts and sub-assemblies with high added value for manufacturers and aeronautical equipment manufacturers, the ROSSI AERO Group has integrated know-how, both in the precision machining of alloys and hard metals, sheet metal work, surface treatment and assembly.

Customer satisfaction, meeting deadlines and quality are part of the DNA of the ROSSI AERO Group. Groupe ROSSI AERO operates three sites in the Toulouse region, close to its customers, and occupies a key position in the supply chain of the aerospace industry. The ROSSI AERO Group is notably a strategic supplier of Airbus.

The ROSSI AERO Group also has avant-garde facilities in terms of equipment, robotics and process automation.

As a major player in reactivity and speed-shop activities, the ROSSI AERO Group is called upon to play a decisive role in a context of resumption of production rates within the civil aeronautics industry.