Specializing in the production and production of structural parts and subassemblies with high added value for manufacturers and aeronautical equipment manufacturers, the ROSSI AERO Group has integrated know-how, both in the precision machining light alloys and hard metals, sheet metal and sheet metal work, surface treatment and assembly.

Since its creation in 1976, the Group has been historically located in the Toulouse basin, close to its customers.

Recognized as a subcontractor of rank ONE, customer satisfaction, respect of deadlines and quality are erected as the DNA of the ROSSI AERO Group taking into account the very strong requirements of its customers and in particular Airbus. The ROSSI Group AERO knowing an important development for 10 years is engaged in a strategic development plan : the 2020 plan

Through its strategic plan and its ISO14001 certification, the Rossi Aero Group, today includes the continuous improvement of its environmental performance into its operational activities