We are operational …


Groupe ROSSI AERO : We are operational.

Under strict safe conditions …

Groupe ROSSI AERO has conducted numerous sanitary operations before resuming partial physical work on its sites on April 7th, 2020 under strict healthy and safe conditions:

  • Sanitisation of all its factories and offices has been done by an external company prior any logistical or production operation on any of our sites
  • New sanitary rules published and individual application for all personnel
  • Individual Sanitary kits distribution (mask, gloves, disinfection wipes, …)

With All sites opened …

In order to ensure both recurring deliveries and speed shop activities all sites are opened. The distances are fully respected and opening times have been adapted to minimize the number of shifts as much as possible. In addition, new specific flows have been materialized on the ground to prevent staff from crossing paths with each other.

Besides industrial teams, the customers services Department and all the other Departments dealing with customers request analysis (manufacturing engineering, Procurement, Supply Chain management, Quality, Controlling,…) are fully operational from home office.

and Ramp up capabilities are available

The workforce on site today corresponds in average to 40% of production personnel. Thanks to our historical values and our culture of flexibility and customer at heart, our workforce in standby is ready to join our teams based on short call demand in less than 3 hours, to cope with the additional or urgent customers’ demands.