GROUP ROSSI AERO at the Paris Air Show 2019


ROSSI AERO’s team would be glad to see you at the Paris Air Show, from 17th to 21th June 2019, stand 2B-G125.



Last January, the ROSSI AERO GROUP was SQIP accredited for the 2nd year in a row during Airbus’s SQIP Day Award 2018.

This award is truly noteworthy for the group as it is the only supplier being “Accredited” in the “Detail Parts” category.

Through this award, Airbus acknowledge once again the precision, the engagement and the professionalism of ROSSI AERO GROUP.

IPCA Audit - ROSSI AERO Group's industrial maturity awarded


ROSSI AERO’s industrial maturity on serial production was awarded by Airbus this January, through the IPCA audit, where the Group received the highest possible grade: A

The group was audited by AIRBUS’ IPCA this January. The aim of this audit was to assess Groupe ROSSI AERO’s industrial maturity in serial production and confirming its capability to support its customers in the coming years! 

Out of four existing maturity levels, the highest one (A) was awarded to the group.

This grade is a recognition of the efforts of the group and its employees toward continuous improvement of the ROSSI AERO model to enter the serial production market!

Visit of ROSSI AERO Group’s Plant by Mr Portarrieu, French Member of Parliament


The ROSSI AERO Group welcomed Mr Jean-François Portarrieu, Haute-Garonne’s 5th district’s Member of Parliament.

This visit was organised as part of Toulouse’s Economic Meetings. It allowed the Group to emphasise the challenges of SMEs in the aeronautical industry and to underline the importance of Quality.

The ROSSI AERO GROUP NADCAP Welding accredited


As part of the continuous development of its activities, the Rossi Aero Group was accredited in Welding by NADCAP.


This certification proves once more, the commitment of the group towards extensive qualifications to meet their customers’ expectations in both quality and responsiveness !

The ROSSI AERO Group welcomes Edouard Philippe, France’s Prime Minister !


The ROSSI AERO team is proud to have welcomed the meeting between Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and the main actors of Toulouse Aeronautical Industry.

This meeting, taking place in the Group latest production unit, was the perfect opportunity to unveil this new cutting edge industrial site dedicated to serial production.

ROSSI AERO Group & apprenticeship : Win-win partnership


Follow the career path of Clément, apprentice engineer in the ROSSI AERO Group, through French TV's news story.

Watch the story (in French)

GROUPE ROSSI AERO : SQIP's 1st Accredited Detailed Parts Supplier


This January, the ROSSI AERO GROUP became the 1st Detailed Part Supplier to be Accredited by the SQIP program.

This accreditation is an acknowledgement of the Quality, the Performance and the Adaptability of the ROSSI AERO GROUP.

SQIP (Supply Chain & Quality Improvement Program) is an operational performance label which factors the service rate and the registered of AIRBUS suppliers.

The ROSSI AERO GROUP awarded at the "Aeronautics Trophies" 2017


Last October, the ROSSI AERO Group was awarded for best Adaptation to the market and structuring of the Supply Chain, as part of the last edition of the "Aeronautics Trophies" (Trophées de l'Aéronautique). 

This award is an acknowledgment of the work of each of our team members, but also an additional motivation to continue to adapt to the needs of our customers while maintaining irreproachable standards in terms of quality and delivery times.

The ROSSI AERO Group expand to additive manufacturing


As part of its growth plan, the ROSSI AERO GROUP in taking part in the capital of Additive Manufacturing company OPT'ALM. This start-up offers an innovative manufacturing solution through a process of laser merged metalic powder (or Directed Energy Deposit).

This stake acquisition will allow OPT'ALM to recruit 3 people and invest into new manufacturing equipment (made by the french Additive Manufacturing toolmaker BeAM).

In the scope of this project, the innovative star-up will settle in the ROSSI AERO GROUP's premisses by the end of 2017, where they will start to adapt their technology to the needs of the Toulouse based manufacturer.

The ROSSI AERO Group is recruiting


As part of its growth plan, the ROSSI AERO Group aims to reach 300 employees by the end of 2020, having 50 positions to fill in the next 3 years. The Group is constantly seeking talents for their various departments, such as assembly, quality control, manufacturing or operational support.

GROUPE ROSSI AERO : SQIP Best Performer Award 2016


SQIP Materials & Parts or Supply Chain & Quality Improvement Program is an operational performance label which factors the service rate and the registered performance in the actions taken for continuous improvement on the key process depicting the industrial maturity of AIRBUS suppliers.

Within the framework of SQIP, AIRBUS grants each year, a series of awards, including the very prestigious Best Performer Award, received by the ROSSI AERO GROUP for their actions in 2016. This award is an acknowledgement of the performance and the efforts of the group’s staff in their mission for AIRBUS. It is also a way to remind of the historical partnership between the ROSSI AERO GROUP and the aircraft manufacturer, a collaboration illustrated by a FIRST-TIER supplier status for the last 28 years!

GROUP ROSSI AERO at the Paris Air Show 2017


ROSSI AERO’s team would be glad to see you at the Paris Air Show, from 19th to 25th June 2017, stand 2B-F183.

ROSSI AERO GROUP Headquarters ongoing construction at Eurocentre


ROSSI AERO GROUP’s development plan is structured around a new industrial site, which has been designed to house the latest in continuous production units in addition to the support services and management teams.



In 2017, ROSSI AERO are evolving: a new industrial site is being developed with new production methods, a new website is set to be launched and the company will be present for the first time at the Paris Air Show.

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